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Ramset SP178 1-7/8″ Power Point Pins


Ramset 1-7/8″ Power Point Pins

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Ramset 1-7/8″ Power Point Pins


  • Use Ramset’s exclusive PowerPoint pins for your advanced fastening applications. They provide easier penetration into hard steel and concrete. That means reduced pin failures and increased holding values to make your jobs more productive.
  • Standard powder actuated pins fasten inconsistently in steel. Frequently the steel is just too hard for conventional pins. Steel is also inconsistent because hardness varies. According to the steel industry’s accepted Rockwell Hardness Scale (Rb), steel strength can vary from a relatively soft 54 Rb to an extremely hard 88 Rb or higher. Standard pins typically begin to fail in the upper 70s Rb. Tests, however, have proven that PowerPoint consistently performs, even as steel approaches 90 Rb!


  • 100 / Box


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