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Ramset PLY138 Trakfast Knurled 1-3/8″ Fastener w/breakaway strip fuel/pin pack


Ramset Trakfast Knurled Fastener w/breakaway strip fuel/pin pack

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Ramset PLY138 Trakfast Knurled 1-3/8" Fastener w/breakaway strip fuel/pin pack Since its introduction in 1991, TrakFast has been the tool of choice for both interior and exterior contractors. The TrakFast Automatic Fastening System fastens all types of track, from standard track to hat channel, deep leg, Z, and J channel. Contractors continue to report tremendous savings when using TrakFast for high production fastening. They have learned that TrakFast’s actual cost in place beats all other systems. The increased speed and productivity of TrakFast allows the contractor to bid more competitively, complete the job sooner and move on to the next job. Anyone can use TrakFast—just load the pins and fire. It’s that easy! TrakFast’s power comes from the battery and fuel cell The 6-volt rechargeable Ni-CD battery can drive approximately 3000 shots per charge. The clean burning fuel cell can drive over 1000 pins and keeps the tool cleaner than powder actuated tools. Fastening System Productivity In the time it takes you to drive two pins with a powder tool, you can drive up to 10 pins with TrakFast!


  • Used with TF1100/TF1200
  • Collation designed to breakaway on impact when attaching plywood to steel.
  • Plywood to Metal Framing.


  • 1000 Pins and 1 Fuel Cell


  • .250 head diameter pin
  • Shank diameter = .100
  • Description – 1 3/8″ Knurled pin

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Weight 4.6 lbs


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Ramset PLY138 Trakfast Knurled 1-3/8" Fastener w/breakaway strip fuel/pin pack

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