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Purchase 2 boxes of Buildex 8150922 or Buildex 8153922 fasteners and get the Installation Tool for FREE! Once you add the appropriate quantity of fasteners to the cart, the tool will automatically appear in the cart.

Buildex 8150922 Sammy Xpress Metal Deck & Perlin Fastener XP20 (25 Pack)


Buildex Sammy Xpress Metal Deck & Perlin Fastener XP20 (25 Pack)

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These Buildex Sammy X-Press Fasteners make hanging threaded rod from metal decking a breeze. There’s no custom bracket assembly required. Just pre-drill your hole, use the custom X-Press IT Installation tool from Buildex to insert the fastener and press it into place, and that’s it! You’re ready to hang loads between 1146-1783 lbs.! The X-Press IT Installation Tool ensures correct installation torque and reduces occurrences of fastener failure due to over driving.

Buy 2 Boxes & Get the Install Tool for FREE! ($200 Value!)


  • Installs in seconds, saves time and installation costs
  • Use in applications where easy access to the back of the installed fastener is prohibited
  • No retaining nut required
  • The X-Press System has earned the 9R21 and 25ES UL Listing
  • Expand to provide direct vertical attachment


Rod Size: 3/8″-16
Substrate: Metal Deck, Purlin or Tubular Steel

Mount Style: Vertical
Substrate Fastener Size: 3/8″ x 1″

Ultimate Pullout: 1146 lb (22 ga.)
Type: Rod Anchor

Product Family: Sammy X-Press® Metal Deck 3/8 Rod
Anchor Diameter: 25/64″

Hole Size: 25/64″
Material: Steel

Finish: Electro-Zinc
Head: 5/8″ AF End-Drilled

Drive: Sammys X-Press IT® Installation Tool (8194910)
Grade: C1022 screw, C1010 cap

UL Maximum Pipe Size: 2-1/2″
UL Test Load: 850 lb (2-1/2″ Pipe), 185 lb (Luminaire), 250 lb (Luminaire), 283 lb (Conduit & Cable)

UL Minimum Thickness: .027″, .029″, .056″, .059″
FM Max Pipe Size: 4″, 2″

FM Test Load: 940 lb (2″ Pipe), 1475 lb (4″ Pipe)
FM Minimum Thickness: .029″, .104″

Maximum Thickness: 1/8″
Recommended Installation Tool: Sammy X-Press IT® Installation Tool (8194910)

UL Approved: E245248, EX5098
FM Approved: 3020935, 3031269

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Weight2.4 lbs


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