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Brass Knuckle BKGOG-2020N Vader Goggle w/ Integral Face Shield

$14.95 - $15.95

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The Brass Knuckle BKGOG-2020N Vader Combo lenses are made of polycarbonate that provides 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection to help prevent eye damage. The low-profile curved face shield design conforms to the shape of the face, providing compact protection (9.5 x 10.5 x 9.1 inches). At a mere 9.6 ounces, The Vader Combo is easy to work in — and light enough to play in. Yet the BKGOG-20120N shield can be used over most prescription eyeglasses.


  • Goggle/ventilated face shield combination
  • Medium impact protection
  • Wide 180° peripheral vision and face coverage
  • Soft rubber gasket forms splash-proof seal
  • Liquid splash protection; rated D3
  • 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear
  • 25 mm elastic headband with easy comfort adjustment
  • ANSI-rated hardcoated polycarbonate lens
  • Roomy over-the-glasses (OTG) design
  • Brass Knuckle BK-Anti-FOG™ anti-fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168 — lasts 15 times longer!

Certifications and characteristics

Excellent anti-fog protection plus abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. Meets demanding industry test requirements (ANSI Z87.1 , EN166K, EN166N, EN166UV). Meets or exceeds AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for eye and face protection. Lic. # 40028.

This mask features our proprietary Brass Knuckle BK-Anti-FOG™ anti-fog coating. Eyewear featuring BK-Anti-FOG™ is tested under the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world, the European EN 166/168 standard and EXCEEDS the standard. BK-Anti-Fog’s™ anti-fog properties last 15X longer than the minimum set forth by the standard. Does your application need more? Consider our BK-Anti-FOG+™.

In addition to impact standards, the goggle carries a D3 rating for droplet and splash protection.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs


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