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  • makita hr2661 avt rotary hammer

    Makita HR2661 1″ AVT® Rotary Hammer w/ HEPA Dust Extractor

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  • bosch vb090f fleece dust bag

    Bosch VB090F Fleece Dust Bag for 9-Gallon Dust Extractors (5 Pack)

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  • bosch-vf110-filter

    Bosch VF110 Flat Pleated Polyester (PES) Filter

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  • bosch-vf130h-hepa-filter

    Bosch VF130H HEPA Filter for Dust Extractor

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  • bosch-vf120h-pleated-hepa-filter

    Bosch VF120H Pleated HEPA Filter

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  • bosch vac140A dust extractor

    Bosch VAC140A 14-Gallon Dust Extractor w/ Automatic Filter Clean

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  • bosch vac090A dust extractor

    Bosch VAC090AH 9 Gallon Dust Extractor w/ Auto Clean and HEPA Filter

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