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Power Drills

Power Drills are the most common drill type and can be found on most job-sites across all trades. While they tend to be more powerful than cordless drills, they offer less mobility due to the restriction of having to be plugged in, though mobility can be increased with the use of an extension cord. Common power drill types are as follows:

Hammer Drills: Hammer drills are designed for drilling into hard surfaces like stone, brick, or concrete. What makes a hammer drill different from a standard drill is that while it rotates like a normal drill it also employs hammering action allowing it to power through hard materials that would prove impossible for a standard drill.

Mag Drills:Mag drills (also called magnetic & electromagnetic drills) are a specialty drill used for drilling through structural steel. Mag Drills work much like a drill press, but utilize a strong electromagnetic base that allows it to adhere magnetically to steel surfaces.

Right Angle DrillsA less common drill-type is the Right Angle Drill. It won’t be found in most households, but there are many cases in which you may wis you had one. Right Angle Drills are designed to fit into tight spaces that a conventional power drill would be too large to fit into. These drills are usually used in the Plumbing & Electrical trades, though you’ll find some Carpenters who wouldn’t be found without one as well.

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  • makita hr2661 avt rotary hammer

    Makita HR2661 1″ AVT® Rotary Hammer w/ HEPA Dust Extractor

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  • The DH40MEY Rotary Hammer with AC Brushless Motor, UVP (User Vibration Protection) and AHB (Aluminum Housing Body) is the perfect combination of performance and comfort.  With top class drilling speed along with UVP, this hammer is made for hard work.

    Hitachi DH40MEY 1-9/16 Inch SDS Max AC Brushless Rotary Hammer, 2-Mode

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  • Metabo KHE 3250 1⅛" SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer with Rotostop (600637420)

    Metabo KHE 3250 1⅛” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer with Rotostop (600637420)

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  • Metabo KHE 56 1¾" SDS-Max Rotary Hammer (600340420)

    Metabo KHE 56 1¾” SDS-Max Rotary Hammer (600340420)

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  • Metabo KHE 5-40 1⁹∕₁₆" SDS-MAX ROTARY HAMMER (600687420)

    Metabo KHE 5-40 1⁹∕₁₆” SDS-MAX ROTARY HAMMER (600687420)

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  • Metabo KHE-D24 1″ SDS Rotary Hammer W/ Roto Stop (600223420)

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  • Chicago Pneumatic 3/8″ Angle Drill – CP879

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  • Makita HR4013C 1-9/16″ AVT Rotary Hammer

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  • Hougen HMD904 Portable Mag Drill 0904101

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  • Makita LXPH03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Hammer Driver-Drill – Bare Tool

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  • Milwaukee 4270-21 Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit – 450 RPM

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  • Milwaukee 4208-1 Adjustable Position Electromagnetic Drill Press with No. 3 MT Motor

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