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Bits, Blades & Supplies

While the power tools may get all the spotlight, we know that it’s the supplies that really get the job done. After all, your drill wouldn’t do much drilling without drill bits, your saw would become useless without saw blades, and your gas powered drywall tool wouldn’t hang a single board without its fuel cells.

You see, we realize that over the life of a tool you’ll end up spending more on the accessories and supplies to run it than you will on the tool itself. That’s why we strive to offer extremely competitive pricing, even on hard-to-find diamond blades and costly core bits. We know you’ll be back to pick up more, and we’ll be here to save you money when you do. It’s just good old-fashioned business.

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  • ITW Ramset TFUEL Ramset TrakFast Fuel Cell for TF1100 & TF1200

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  • Paslode 219090 8-Ounce Cold Weather Lubricating Oil

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  • Ramset 4D60 .25 cal Disc – Yellow

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  • Sait 37536 5″ 8-Hole Sanding Discs Hook and Loop – 100 Grit

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  • Porter Cable 8911 GripVac Handle Attachment for 890 Series Fixed Base Routers

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  • Bosch SR5W240 5″ 8-Hole Sanding Discs Hook and Loop White- 240 Grit 5pk

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  • MK Morse 001922 24 TPI 32-7/8″ Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blades (3 Pack)

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    1/2 X 18 X 16 SDS PLUS BIT CARBIDE

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    Milwaukee Bit Holder

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  • DeWALT DWA31724D 7-1/4″ Demolition Circular Saw Blade

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  • Qualtool 250PB2-TR #2 Phillips Bit Tips

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  • Festool 496975 ABR GRANAT D150 P40 50 Pack

    Festool 496975 ABR GRANAT D150 P40 Grit 50 Pack

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